The Absols IT Solutions difference

Absols commitment to understanding your business goals and helping you realise them through effective and efficient use of IT services is nowhere more evident than in our IT Solutions services.

Through a rigorous process of analysis we gain a clear vision of where you want to take your business and the role IT can play in helping you get there. We will develop a strategy that moves you efficiently and cost effectively towards the ideal solution.

We can supply & install the required equipment at the right time leveraging our extensive partnerships to get you the best deal. We also provide hardware maintenance and support to keep your IT hardware in tip-top condition.

Recognising that data security is not just a legal requirement but a business critical imperative we will propose and deliver comprehensive solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

Most businesses these days rely on computer or web based systems. IT systems and services are so embedded into the operations of the business that they simply cannot run effectively without them. Our IT support services ensure that these vital business assets keep working hard for your business.

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Drawing upon years of wide ranging IT experience and knowledge, Absols offers a comprehensive range of IT consultancy services.

We can conduct a full comprehensive audit of your IT systems and network infrastructure, together with any 3rd party agreements you have and supply you with a detailed plan and IT roadmap illustrating the strengths and areas of improvement for your future objectives.

As a growth voucher adviser, we have been approved to accept the government voucher scheme offering advice on comprehensive IT solutions to many local businesses. Growth vouchers provide up to £2000 of matched funding to be spent on strategic IT advice. More information is available on the growth voucher website by clicking the logo.

We can help you plan your overall IT strategy, and design you a bespoke IT network that will fully support the needs of your business. We are able to advise on various WiFi solutions, offering a full site survey and a post install survey to ensure there are no blackspots.

We also offer advice on the most suitable hardware and software purchases for your business as well as a full project management service which includes bespoke website design and build.


Through our extensive connections in the distribution channels, we can supply products from most major manufacturers. These direct links allow us to offer clients exceptional value and next day delivery. Because we don’t tie ourselves to one brand or supplier we can offer the most suitable and cost efficient solutions to our clients.

As a Microsoft partner, we have specific access and support available to us.


Absols provides a professional installation service, from structured cabling through server installs to the final configuration of your remote workers VPN connections to the office.

We can also integrate a business telephone system into your network allowing you to take advantage of the latest advances in telephony.

High levels of workmanship and rigorous testing throughout the project guarantee your systems will work effectively and securely from day one.


Your ‘data’ is your company, whether it’s an email system, a website, an intranet, a client database, a quotation program or a VOIP phone system. Whatever constitutes your ‘data’ – without it, your company comes to a halt.

Absols understands your needs and the necessity to protect data is of vital importance. Through a combination of backups, antivirus solutions, redundant disks and high security firewalls, Absols will ensure the safety of all your data at all times.


Using a combination of proactive, preventative measures and fast response engineers, Absols keep breakdowns to a minimum. Regular site visits and remote monitoring discovers potential problems before they happen so they can be resolved with little or no costly down-time.

Whether you need IT support on a ‘project by project’ basis, as a second-line support solution or simply want ‘peace of mind’ and wish to out-source all of your network support, Absols will give you a tailored solution that will meet all your IT needs.

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