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Our cloud computing services will help you reduce costs, increase productivity and keep up-to-date with the last technology. Find out how Absols can help you move your business to the cloud.

Cloud computing services are transforming the way organisations harness the power of information technology. The flexibility, security and scalability of cloud services has led to many corporate and government entities moving their applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Unlike a traditional IT set-up, where hardware and software are purchased up front and then implemented over a period of time, cloud computing services can deliver IT resources almost immediately and align costs to actual usage. This approach provides organisations with greater financial agility, enabling them to manage their budget more effectively.

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What are cloud services?

The traditional model for business IT services is that software programs are physically installed on each individual PC or, in the case of some applications such as Microsoft Exchange, reside on central servers that can be accessed by all users on the corporate network. While this approach has worked reasonably well for many organisations, it does have some fundamental drawbacks:

  • The organisation has to pay for licenses for every PC;
  • When new software updates are launched there are often additional upgrade costs;
  • Managing updates and version control become extremely problematic;
  • Ensuring security updates and patches are installed is troublesome;
  • PCs need to have sufficient storage space and be powerful enough to run all of the applications the user needs;
  • Data can become fragmented across multiple PCs;
  • Putting back-up processes in place is complex and can sometimes lead to data loss; and
  • Confidential data stored on PCs can become a data security risk.

The philosophy of cloud computing is that applications like Microsoft Office (Office 365) and user data are all stored on the internet. Typically, the applications that people use and the data files associated with them are accessed via a web browser. Cloud computing services enable users to access their applications and information on any device and from any location with an internet connection.

There are a wide range of cloud computing services available, but many share several common attributes:

  • Virtualisation – cloud computing makes use of server and storage virtualisation extensively to facilitate the rapid allocation/reallocation of resources;
  • Software multi-tenancy – a single instance of software is shared among multiple users to gain economies of scale;
  • Network-access – resources are typically accessed via a web-browser on a variety of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone);
  • On demand – resources are self-provisioned from an online catalogue of pre-defined configurations and made available to the user as needed;
  • Scalability – resources can scale up or down to allow for business growth; and
  • Metering/chargeback – resource usage is tracked and billed based on a service arrangement.

OUr CLoud COmputing services


Whatever the size of your business or the data protection challenges you face, Absols can provide a simple and cost-effective cloud backup solution to safeguard your valuable information.

Microsoft exchange

Whether you are looking to outsource the management of your server-based Microsoft Exchange solution or you are looking to upgrade to Exchange from POP email, we can provide a reliable, flexible and cost-effective Hosted Exchange solution for your business.

Office 365

As a certified Microsoft partner, Absols can help you make the switch from standalone Microsoft Office packages to Office 365 and help you benefit from the power, flexibility, and security of Microsoft’s cloud-based office software.

Virtual Desktops

Log into your Absols virtual desktop from any location with an internet connection and get instant access to all the software applications and tools you use on a daily basis.

Virtual Servers

Our virtual server solutions provide a centralised storage solution for all your software applications and can help you reduce capital and support costs, improve business continuity and increase flexibility.

Cloud computing features and benefits

Using cloud-based services has a number of compelling benefits, such as:

  • Always up-to-date software applications;
  • Cost-effective way to benefit from enterprise-class hardware and software;
  • Simple and flexible monthly charge for software use;
  • Near-limitless scalability;
  • Regular and automated data backups;
  • Increased staff collaboration and productivity across the organisation;
  • Lower spec (and lower cost) PCs required;
  • Increased flexibility;
  • Faster implementation and time-to-value;
  • Lower infrastructure, energy, and facility costs; and
  • Enhanced security and protection of information assets.

Why Absols

Whatever type of cloud computing services you use or require, one thing is certain: Absols can deliver an exceptional cloud experience and help your organisation reap the rewards of cloud computing.

Over the years, we have helped many businesses in Maidstone, Medway, Kent and London make the most of their cloud investment, and we can do the same for you, too.
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