Cellecta manufactures acoustic and thermal insulation products for domestic, educational, commercial and industrial applications.

The Challenge:- Cellecta were struggling to install a wireless network that all employees could access.

The Solution:- Set up their network for them, ensuring all users had access to the wireless network.

Trust Developed: Installation of a new server giving better control of all their data. improving performance for the whole business.

The Outcome:- “They have since moved to Rochester, and they now also have offices in Newport and Poole. We’ve installed a terminal server in Rochester so that all remote users can access the applications they need. All sites are connected via secure VPN and we’ve integrated a VOIP telephone solution.

“From a small lock-up in Aylesford, they’ve expanded to three big sites throughout the UK and we’ve ensured that their systems have grown with them.”

The Results:- Installing a Server to improve data access and performance, then providing solutions to meet growing requirements as they expand.

“As we’ve grown as a business our IT requirements have grown significantly. Absols has always provided IT solutions that meet our needs, on time and on budget”


Andrew Fry, director, Cellecta Ltd


South East Property Development (SEPD) designs and fits kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms across Kent.

Dave Geere, Director of SEPD had this to say about Absols

“When we decided to improve our business systems we were, initially, apprehensive. But when we spoke to Ian and Eddie we were immediately put at ease; they listened to our requirements, put together a clear proposal and have exceeded our expectations. We’d recommend them to anyone looking for a professional IT support partner ”

The Challenge:- Not happy with their IT supplier and needed a new server.

They had no adequate systems in place

The Solution:- “With our software developer, we created a bespoke software package that will track each job from the first contact to signing off the warranty.

“This portal retains quotes, alterations, telephone calls, letters – everything to do with the customer in one place.

The Outcome:- “It’s been invaluable and totally transformed the way they work because previously they were inundated with paper. They have now doubled the size of their premises.

The Results:- “Our bespoke systems can help a business grow, they become more efficient spending time with their clients – not looking around for lost quotes, delivery notes or job specifications.”


Creating a bespoke software package to track every element of a job and transform the business.


“We have developed a relationship with Absols of mutual respect and understanding. We often ask for support outside the normal remit and they are always happy to oblige. We find the prompt attention to any issue particularly refreshing and in line with our ethos in business services.”

Samuels Chartered Accountants offer a range of specialist services including forensic accounting, fraud and other investigations, due diligence, employment law, financial services and auditing. Security is key.

The Challenge

We were called in to audit their network after a server crash lost crucial data. They had not been happy with the people who looked after their servers, they thought they had a back-up system but didn’t. We installed a tape back-up solution and made several recommendations.

The Solution

“We resolved the data security issue and carried out a full audit, highlighting any security lapses. We’ve changed their document management system to one that costs a third of the previous one and is far more ’user-friendly’. We maintain their servers remotely and ensure they’re working, if they have a problem, they give us a call and we go and fix it but usually any problems have been detected by us before anyone at Samuels is aware of it.

The Outcome

“We’ve been providing a full on-site support package for the past nine years. It’s all covered in a monthly fee.”

Ian Wilkinson, managing director, Absols

The Results


Multi-level data back-up, SonicWall Firewall and Trend Micro anti-virus, spam and Malware protection, coupled with on-going on-site and remote support


“Costs have been reduced whilst the quality of service has been enhanced. Our relationship with Absols has developed into a partnership with mutual trust and understanding of each other’s business.”

Medway Youth Trust is a charity that improves the life chances of children and young people, including helping the U21s find work. Formed in 2008, it serves young people in Medway, Eastbourne and Hastings.

The Challenge:-

To offer support to two in-house technicians. MYT had been outsourcing their entire IT systems, with data and emails hosted on their support provider’s servers. Things were taking too long, changes were too slow.

The Solution:-

We replaced the servers and cut support costs. MYT began to feel in control again. We have given IT support ever since. Our on-site engineer spends a half-day there every day. We also support the charity’s operations in Eastbourne and Hastings.

The Outcome:-

“MYT is growing so fast that it needs more IT support and that may mean putting some or all of the data on the Cloud. We are examining all possible innovative solutions and consulting with the MYT team on the best way forward.”

Ian Wilkinson, managing director, Absols


Replace servers and provide on-site support to enhance performance and reduce costs.