Top technology gifts for geeks

Top Gifts for a Techy

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With Christmas fast approaching we thought it would be a good idea to do a list of the top gifts for a techy!

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and in turn bringing through innovative ideas that Techy’s will love.

For Men :-

1 – R2D2 Car Charger.  The new Star Wars movie is released soon and what better gift to get than an R2D2

2- Games Console. What man doesn’t like to game? Ps4 and Xbox One are leading the market with a plethora of games available covering different genres and for different ages this can be great a great investment for all the family to enjoy!

3 – Drone. Drones are becoming increasingly popular and in turn cheaper to buy! These are great for remote control enthusiasts or people who want to capture some great footage from the air.

For Women :-

1- App Controlled Coffee Machine – This innovative machine allows the user to grind beans, prepare coffee and keeps it hot for you as well as being able to make the coffee as strong as you want

2- Insect Stick – This stick is perfect for getting rid of those little creepy crawlies that are unwelcome in the house!

3- Giant Wine Glass – Perfect for the festive season and holds a whole bottle of wine!

For The Kids :-

1 – Lego Dimensions – This brilliant game allows the user to create their own Lego characters using real Lego and then import them into the game!

2- Raspberry Pi – An excellent device that teaches children how to code as well as various components, will help them excel at school with the new curriculum.

3 – RC Millennium Falcon – Undoubtedly Star Wars will get a mention as the new film will be in cinemas soon and what better toy to get than a Millennium Falcon!



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