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Top 5 Tips for IT in Business

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Tip 1:

Are your systems fit for purpose? Running a business on the home PC is not necessarily the best solution. Do you want to share your business’ data with your sons latest Minecraft world? PC’s are very affordable to buy nowadays, why risk your new business data for the sake of a few hundred quid?

Tip 2:

Are your systems/software future proof? You want your business to be successful and with success your requirements will change. Will you need accounts software or will you out source this to your accountant? Will you need a server or will a cloud solution meet your requirements better? What about CRM ( Customer Relationships Management)? Where/how are you going to safely store your database of clients? Maybe you’ll need some software developed to meet your specific needs? Whatever the future is, it’s far better to plan for growth from day one than it is to try and adapt what you have at a later date.

Tip 3:

Is your data secure? Is it backed up off site? Do you have reliable anti-virus software?

Your data IS your business, it NEEDS to be protected.

Tip 4:

When looking for premises make sure there is a reliable, fast internet connection available. So much work is done online now this is a necessity. Also, is there suitable cabling throughout the premises? If not, remember to budget for this; it’s easier, therefore cheaper to install cabling in an empty office than it is to install when furniture, computers and such-like is in the office.

Tip 5:

Most importantly… Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Absols wishes luck to those starting new businesses and we look forward to dealing with you in the future

If you have any questions remember Tip 5.

Good Luck

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