Cloud back-up offers a simple, scalable and cost effective answer to your data protection needs.

Effective back-up solutions protect you from Disaster recovery and business continuity. You know what it’s like when you realise that the document you have been working on for the last hour hasn’t saved. First there’s the moment of confusion, then disbelief, then that sinking feeling as the reality sinks in. Imagine that feeling right now. It’s not good is it? Now imagine how you would feel if your business lost every single file you owned. Every letter. Every contract. Every invoice. Every account. Every email address. Can you imagine how that would feel? Unfortunately it happens, and to too many businesses. And when it does happen it often proves terminal. According to research by the DTI and Price Waterhouse Coopers, 7 out of 10 companies which suffer a major data loss go out of business within a year. The bad news for small businesses is:

  • Most users don’t back-up their data regularly
  • Most companies either don’t have disaster recovery plans or know that their plans are weak.
  • Most users will experience data loss either through accidental deletion, computer failure, malware/viruses or some other problem every year.
  • 1 in 25 laptops are stolen, damaged or destroyed every year.

Factor in the effects of fire, flood and other natural disasters the picture gets even worse. Fortunately cloud back-up solutions can protect your business from data loss from deletion of a single file to loss of whole server rooms.

Who should consider cloud back-up?

We would encourage all organisations to look at cloud back-up whether to back-up a single PC or as part of an enterprise-wide PC and server disaster recovery solution. Cloud back-up offers a simple, scalable and cost effective answer to all data protection needs.

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