Reliable Cloud Backups

Our cloud backup service offers a simple, scalable and cost effective answer to your data protection needs.

If your business doesn’t have a reliable cloud backup solution in place, your entire business is at risk. It’s estimated that over 20% of businesses that experience data loss because of a cyber-attack also lose customers. And 40% of those companies lose over 20% of their customers. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say the future of your business could depend on having a reliable off-site backup solution in place.

Essentially, there are four risks that threaten the data your business needs to function:

  • Human error;
  • Hardware failure;
  • Natural disasters; and
  • Cyber-attacks.

Employees can accidentally (or intentionally) delete or move files. Hard drives can (and frequently do) fail. The risk of fire and flooding is always present. Power surges can destroy IT hardware. The threat of a cyber-attack is, unfortunately, growing all the time. Any of these scenarios can destroy your business data. If that happens, and you don’t have an adequate backup solution in place, the consequences could be catastrophic for your business.

The risk of not backing up your data

A recent survey by telecommunications specialists Beaming found that approximately 17% of UK businesses have no data backup solution in place. The possibility that almost four million companies in the UK are at risk of significant data loss is a worrying thought – especially when you consider that approximately seven out of 10 business that suffer a major loss of data will go out of business within a year.

Of those companies that do backup their data, the majority store their backups on-site. Any backup is better than no backup, but data stored on-site is still at increased risk of fire, floods or other natural disasters.

However, the biggest threat to a company’s data is not from a natural disaster – it’s from a cyber-attack. Sophisticated ransomware attacks can wipe hard drives in seconds, and many businesses don’t have the resources or knowledge to protect their data against such attacks. According to Inc, 60% of companies that suffer a significant cyber-attack never recover.

Our cloud backup solutions

Absols’ extensive experience of providing business-class cloud services makes us the ideal choice to safeguard your valuable business data.

We offer automated daily cloud backup services to safeguard your critical business data and minimise any potential data loss from fire, theft or a cyber-attack. A cloud backup solution from Absols will also give you complete peace of mind knowing you can easily restore your valuable business assets should the need ever arise.

Our cloud backup and recovery services can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. You can easily increase or decrease your storage capacity and cloud resources as the needs of your business change. And as we operate a no-contract policy for all of our IT services, you’re free to cancel your backup service whenever you like. No questions asked.

Some key features of our off-site backup service include:

  • Quick and easy restoration of your IT operations;
  • Reduce loss of service and revenue;
  • UK based, highly secure UK data centres;
  • 24-hour technical support; and
  • Fully automated and secure backup storage.

State-of-the-art security

Our data centres are monitored 24/7/365 and are equipped with state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems. They also boast seismic safeguards that can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, along with backup diesel generators to minimise the impact of power outages.

We take the security of your data extremely seriously, which is why all of our data centres are protected by military strength encryption and a physical security presence at all times.

Cost-effective cloud backup solutions

Automated cloud backup solutions can be expensive and challenging to implement – especially when dealing with large volumes of data. Fortunately, Absols’ enterprise-class backup solution integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and offers a cost-effective way to safeguard your valuable business data.

Our other IT services

Besides our business-grade cloud backup services, we also provide a wide range of additional IT solutions including Office 365 migration, IT hardware maintenance and support, virtual desktop solutions, network infrastructure optimisation and business telephone installation.

We work with established businesses and startups across London and Kent, and our IT expertise enables us to deliver the right IT solutions for any business.

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