Do we fear Change?

Absols Complete IT - designWhy do we view changing our computer support/ IT teams like changing our bank accounts or Energy suppliers?
We really shouldn’t-

Banks:- we all know banks can ‘sell us their dream’ of what their bank is like. Aren’t they very much of a muchness unless you’ve been BADLY let down by one?
Energy Suppliers :-We know that it would be cheaper to move energy suppliers- but they’ll probably put the price up when we get signed up with them won’t they?

So WHY should changing our Computer support team be any different? A headache you can probably do without? A cost that could be disasterous to the business if you get this wrong! In an industry that is moving faster than you can keep up with! Even my kids know more than me !!!


What to Expect from your current supplier:
1) Don’t put up with systems that don’t work or systems that are slow
2) Don’t invest in new equipment until all avenues have been investigated
3) Don’t allow support teams to take systems down for maintenance- a well planned organised support team should be planning in maintenance outside of office hours.
4) Don’t accept waiting hours for support to ‘turn up’ on site- most companies now can be offered remote support without having already had remote support- and without a contract in place.
5) Preventative work can reduce downtime, and any support team should be offering this as standard practice. Keeping you up to date on technologies that would enhance your business should be forefront in their minds.

If you’re not getting this level of service from your current support teams – ask them why? Have you been there so long that it is assumed you’re going to stay regardless of the level of service you receive….
Well don’t….use your vote wisely and look at alternatives.

Don’t be afraid to look around- listen to what another IT support team has to say- and see whether you can get a better service at a better price.

Time taken to change suppliers- save money- just doesn’t seem worth it does it?

So why would Absols be any better?

1 free (no obligation) appointment (30 minutes max.) and we can establish whether we can help you-

Is your business worth just 30 minutes?……..


Our promise to you if you decide to change suppliers:-
What will we do to help you move


1) We’ll understand what you have now- this can be done with minimal interruption for your teams, as much of this is accessed remotely with your permission


2) We’ll understand what your concerns are and the problems you are encountering – much of this can be identified from your teams and their frustrations with IT are a good indicator to larger more complex issues

3) We’ll listen to your aspirations for both the business, staff and systems that can support you as you move forwards

4) We’ll actively arrange a seamless switch to Absols Ltd through professional conduct with current IT supplier and arrange agreements for licenses, security and back up with minimal customer intervention

5) We’ll complete a full IT audit of current systems and vulnerabilities to ensure maximum usage, minimal downtime and out of office updates wherever needed.

So, as a company we totally understand your concerns, and we put in place all procedures to reduce the impact on you and for a safe and secure transfer to us.
First impressions count- and we want you to be impressed
with your first impression with us!
Why not let us have a chat- only we don’t speak ‘IT gobbledy Gook- we speak clearly and concisely with the truth about your systems and the industry and what you can expect from us.

01622 678032

*Time to change *Time to move *Time to stop IT stopping you!

We Have a Winner!

After 6 months of waiting we finally have an answer! Joe has won KEiBA 2015 Apprenticeship Of The Year Award.

It has been a long journey from the initial entry to the finals award ceremony. Joe was announced as the winner and provided a very heartfelt speech to over 600 people.

Paula Wilkinson, Marketing Director of Absols has said what this means to the business.

“With our first year appointing an apprentice, we didn’t know what to expect. Both KCC and Mid-Kent College helped us through the process, and we have been fortunate to have recruited Joe.

Winning KEiBA, meant that the judges reviewed all our business strategies and successes. They looked at our training plans, and development plans for Joe and have been impressed with our commitment to the apprenticeship scheme.

We would like to build on this success, and as we consistently grow as a company, we will continue to be involved with future apprenticeship schemes.”

Joe was Absols’ first apprentice and has been successful in his first year, Joe is currently working towards two L3 City & Guild Diploma’s with various Microsoft Certificates ultimately going on towards the MCSE accreditations

Joes delight in winning the award shone through, when asked, he replied. “Winning the award has been an emotional experience, I was so ecstatic when the judge called my name and have been receiving a vast amount of congratulations which I am very grateful for. The transformation in myself from the beginning of my apprenticeship to now is easily recognisable to those who know me and I am eternally thankful to Ian & Paula for giving me the opportunity here at such a brilliant company. Thank you to my colleagues who have helped me expand my knowledge and skill set and thanks to my wonderful family for their amazing support and belief in me.”  

We are very proud of Joe and his Achievements.


Well Done Joe!



Windows 10 release

With Windows 10 due to be released tomorrow we thought it would be a good idea to give you the lowdown on what you can expect….
For all users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 user Microsoft will offer a free upgrade when Windows 10 is released on July 29th, this will be available for a one year after its launch which is great. It’s designed to work flawlessly with the latest technology and devices to give you the most engaging digital experience ever
The new upgrade has a classic Windows feel to it, the pop-up start menu is back which is similar to the Windows 7 version but it incorporates Windows 8’s “live tiles”. Windows 10 devices use exactly the same operating system, so you only need to buy apps once and you can use them across all your devices which will make things so much easier for you and unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 will adopt a tiered approach to updates and you’ll receive free updates for the “supported lifetime” of the device it’s installed on.
Now of course there are always things to think about when new updates are released so here are some things to consider before you download Windows 10….
Can your system run Windows 10? Check out the specifications of Windows 10 to make sure that your computer system is compatible with it.

Are you using Windows 7? If you’re already using Windows 7, you’re already set. If you’re happy with the way Windows 7 works you may want to stay with it.

Are you a gadget fan? If you liked all the desktop gadgets on Windows 7 they wont work on windows 10 so if you’re a fan of gadgets then don’t upgrade.

How old are your peripherals? You’ll need to make sure that your peripherals will work with the new system, Microsoft doesn’t always make sure that drivers for older devices work with the new operating system so make sure you check that out before you upgrade.

BUT most importantly no matter how much testing is done for new systems, it cannot uncover all the bugs. There’s no rush to upgrade, people who upgrade immediately are the guinea pigs, wait 6 months for some of the bugs to be ironed out and then look at upgrading.

Top 5 Tips for IT in Business

Tip 1:

Are your systems fit for purpose? Running a business on the home PC is not necessarily the best solution. Do you want to share your business’ data with your sons latest Minecraft world? PC’s are very affordable to buy nowadays, why risk your new business data for the sake of a few hundred quid?

Tip 2:

Are your systems/software future proof? You want your business to be successful and with success your requirements will change. Will you need accounts software or will you out source this to your accountant? Will you need a server or will a cloud solution meet your requirements better? What about CRM ( Customer Relationships Management)? Where/how are you going to safely store your database of clients? Maybe you’ll need some software developed to meet your specific needs? Whatever the future is, it’s far better to plan for growth from day one than it is to try and adapt what you have at a later date.

Tip 3:

Is your data secure? Is it backed up off site? Do you have reliable anti-virus software?

Your data IS your business, it NEEDS to be protected.

Tip 4:

When looking for premises make sure there is a reliable, fast internet connection available. So much work is done online now this is a necessity. Also, is there suitable cabling throughout the premises? If not, remember to budget for this; it’s easier, therefore cheaper to install cabling in an empty office than it is to install when furniture, computers and such-like is in the office.

Tip 5:

Most importantly… Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Please find below a link to download and print this file.


Absols wishes luck to those starting new businesses and we look forward to dealing with you in the future

If you have any questions remember Tip 5.

Good Luck

The Absols Team

Top Gifts for a Techy

With Christmas fast approaching we thought it would be a good idea to do a list of the top gifts for a techy!

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and in turn bringing through innovative ideas that Techy’s will love.

For Men :-

1 – R2D2 Car Charger.  The new Star Wars movie is released soon and what better gift to get than an R2D2

2- Games Console. What man doesn’t like to game? Ps4 and Xbox One are leading the market with a plethora of games available covering different genres and for different ages this can be great a great investment for all the family to enjoy!

3 – Drone. Drones are becoming increasingly popular and in turn cheaper to buy! These are great for remote control enthusiasts or people who want to capture some great footage from the air.

For Women :-

1- App Controlled Coffee Machine – This innovative machine allows the user to grind beans, prepare coffee and keeps it hot for you as well as being able to make the coffee as strong as you want

2- Insect Stick – This stick is perfect for getting rid of those little creepy crawlies that are unwelcome in the house!

3- Giant Wine Glass – Perfect for the festive season and holds a whole bottle of wine!

For The Kids :-

1 – Lego Dimensions – This brilliant game allows the user to create their own Lego characters using real Lego and then import them into the game!

2- Raspberry Pi – An excellent device that teaches children how to code as well as various components, will help them excel at school with the new curriculum.

3 – RC Millennium Falcon – Undoubtedly Star Wars will get a mention as the new film will be in cinemas soon and what better toy to get than a Millennium Falcon!



What happened in Apple’s Keynote?

Last night saw host to Apple’s Annual Keynote, one of the biggest events of the year.

Millions of people tuned in to watch Apple’s live stream held at 6pm UK time and what an event it was.

This is one of the most anticipated events of the year by Apple Fans so what actually happened at the keynote?

Another 2 iPhones were unveiled – iPhone 6S + iPhone 6s Plus, the iPad Pro was also unveiled with 2 new accessories; Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. The Keyboard will work in a similar way to what the Surface does has a magnetic strip and is automatically detected, Apple Pencil can detect force, position and tilt making this a very useful tool for illustrative purposes. Apple TV also got an upgrade it is now powered by an A8 Chip ( same one in iPhone 6) and can now accommodate 802.11ac Wi-Fi Signals, it also got a brand new remote with voice control and a 3 month battery life on a full charge.

OS X is getting an update from 10.10 ” Yosemite” to 10.11 ” El Capitan” ( El Capitan is a rock formation within Yosemite National Park). Apple have focused on 3 key updates for El Capitan; Spotlight Improvement, this allows for more natural queries using an intelligent search. Built in app improvements not only provides faster but cleaner app experience and transitions between apps. Window Management is the last key update, this allows you to snap applications into view as well as providing a split screen format. Metal is also introduced in the upgrade, Metal is a low level API that brings vast performance enhancements.

iOS 9 was also presented at this years keynote. Apple have made Siri a ” proactive assistant” for example you receive a message but you are just about to drive you can say Siri remind me of this later, Siri understands ‘this’ as reference to a specific thing in this instance the message you just received. Search is also getting a massive change and will now show you your most frequent contacts and apps that you regularly use. iOS9 is compatible with iPhone 4s upwards and iPad 2 upwards.

Apple pay is already in the UK but as of next month commuters will be able to pay via Apple Pay on London Public transport as well as 250,000 stores. Square are also developing an Apple Pay compatible tap to pay reader which will allow small business the opportunity to accept Apple Pay. It has also received a lot of backing with companies offering loyalty and reward programs specifically for Apple Pay and because of this Passbook has been renamed Wallet.

CarPlay goes wireless which means you don’t have to have your phone in the immediate vicinity of the device, the Apple watch also received a new OS the watchOS2 which allows more faces and custom faces to be made and Swift 2 was announced the second iteration of their new programming language which will be made open source in late 2015.

Apple host one of the biggest and best Keynotes of the year and its no surprise that this year has been a big one. The technological advancements that Apple make on an daily basis are great hence why they can provide such innovative products that people could only of dreamt about 20 years ago. To find out more about the Keynote watch it on



Coding more popular than French?

Computer programming is becoming more popular in schools, especially primary schools.

Python ( a simple yet effective programming language) is now more popular than French in schools, with 60% of parents saying they would prefer their children to learn coding. But why is Python becoming the more popular “language”?

Coding/Computer Science is becoming a mandatory subject at schools across the country. This is a big movement as we edge even further into a world that is very technology dependent we require more workers in the IT industry. The IT industry is so vast and having the opportunity to learn advanced skills from such a young age is fantastic and will ensure success not only for the next generation of IT workers but hopefully a prosperous future for the digital economy within the UK.

Previously schools only offered a basic ICT class where students learnt simple tasks such as how to write a letter in Word or simple formulas in Excel generally this was seen as an easy lesson, now they are bringing in more advanced subjects such as coding it is becoming more interesting and with programmes such as Kodu & Construct the student can visually see their products.

Coding is such a great thing to learn and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.




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