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What happened in Apple’s Keynote?

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Last night saw host to Apple’s Annual Keynote, one of the biggest events of the year.

Millions of people tuned in to watch Apple’s live stream held at 6pm UK time and what an event it was.

This is one of the most anticipated events of the year by Apple Fans so what actually happened at the keynote?

Another 2 iPhones were unveiled – iPhone 6S + iPhone 6s Plus, the iPad Pro was also unveiled with 2 new accessories; Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. The Keyboard will work in a similar way to what the Surface does has a magnetic strip and is automatically detected, Apple Pencil can detect force, position and tilt making this a very useful tool for illustrative purposes. Apple TV also got an upgrade it is now powered by an A8 Chip ( same one in iPhone 6) and can now accommodate 802.11ac Wi-Fi Signals, it also got a brand new remote with voice control and a 3 month battery life on a full charge.

OS X is getting an update from 10.10 ” Yosemite” to 10.11 ” El Capitan” ( El Capitan is a rock formation within Yosemite National Park). Apple have focused on 3 key updates for El Capitan; Spotlight Improvement, this allows for more natural queries using an intelligent search. Built in app improvements not only provides faster but cleaner app experience and transitions between apps. Window Management is the last key update, this allows you to snap applications into view as well as providing a split screen format. Metal is also introduced in the upgrade, Metal is a low level API that brings vast performance enhancements.

iOS 9 was also presented at this years keynote. Apple have made Siri a ” proactive assistant” for example you receive a message but you are just about to drive you can say Siri remind me of this later, Siri understands ‘this’ as reference to a specific thing in this instance the message you just received. Search is also getting a massive change and will now show you your most frequent contacts and apps that you regularly use. iOS9 is compatible with iPhone 4s upwards and iPad 2 upwards.

Apple pay is already in the UK but as of next month commuters will be able to pay via Apple Pay on London Public transport as well as 250,000 stores. Square are also developing an Apple Pay compatible tap to pay reader which will allow small business the opportunity to accept Apple Pay. It has also received a lot of backing with companies offering loyalty and reward programs specifically for Apple Pay and because of this Passbook has been renamed Wallet.

CarPlay goes wireless which means you don’t have to have your phone in the immediate vicinity of the device, the Apple watch also received a new OS the watchOS2 which allows more faces and custom faces to be made and Swift 2 was announced the second iteration of their new programming language which will be made open source in late 2015.

Apple host one of the biggest and best Keynotes of the year and its no surprise that this year has been a big one. The technological advancements that Apple make on an daily basis are great hence why they can provide such innovative products that people could only of dreamt about 20 years ago. To find out more about the Keynote watch it on



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