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Do we fear Change?

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Absols Complete IT - designWhy do we view changing our computer support/ IT teams like changing our bank accounts or Energy suppliers?
We really shouldn’t-

Banks:- we all know banks can ‘sell us their dream’ of what their bank is like. Aren’t they very much of a muchness unless you’ve been BADLY let down by one?
Energy Suppliers :-We know that it would be cheaper to move energy suppliers- but they’ll probably put the price up when we get signed up with them won’t they?

So WHY should changing our Computer support team be any different? A headache you can probably do without? A cost that could be disasterous to the business if you get this wrong! In an industry that is moving faster than you can keep up with! Even my kids know more than me !!!


What to Expect from your current supplier:
1) Don’t put up with systems that don’t work or systems that are slow
2) Don’t invest in new equipment until all avenues have been investigated
3) Don’t allow support teams to take systems down for maintenance- a well planned organised support team should be planning in maintenance outside of office hours.
4) Don’t accept waiting hours for support to ‘turn up’ on site- most companies now can be offered remote support without having already had remote support- and without a contract in place.
5) Preventative work can reduce downtime, and any support team should be offering this as standard practice. Keeping you up to date on technologies that would enhance your business should be forefront in their minds.

If you’re not getting this level of service from your current support teams – ask them why? Have you been there so long that it is assumed you’re going to stay regardless of the level of service you receive….
Well don’t….use your vote wisely and look at alternatives.

Don’t be afraid to look around- listen to what another IT support team has to say- and see whether you can get a better service at a better price.

Time taken to change suppliers- save money- just doesn’t seem worth it does it?

So why would Absols be any better?

1 free (no obligation) appointment (30 minutes max.) and we can establish whether we can help you-

Is your business worth just 30 minutes?……..


Our promise to you if you decide to change suppliers:-
What will we do to help you move


1) We’ll understand what you have now- this can be done with minimal interruption for your teams, as much of this is accessed remotely with your permission


2) We’ll understand what your concerns are and the problems you are encountering – much of this can be identified from your teams and their frustrations with IT are a good indicator to larger more complex issues

3) We’ll listen to your aspirations for both the business, staff and systems that can support you as you move forwards

4) We’ll actively arrange a seamless switch to Absols Ltd through professional conduct with current IT supplier and arrange agreements for licenses, security and back up with minimal customer intervention

5) We’ll complete a full IT audit of current systems and vulnerabilities to ensure maximum usage, minimal downtime and out of office updates wherever needed.

So, as a company we totally understand your concerns, and we put in place all procedures to reduce the impact on you and for a safe and secure transfer to us.
First impressions count- and we want you to be impressed
with your first impression with us!
Why not let us have a chat- only we don’t speak ‘IT gobbledy Gook- we speak clearly and concisely with the truth about your systems and the industry and what you can expect from us.

01622 678032

*Time to change *Time to move *Time to stop IT stopping you!

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