Coding more popular than French?

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Computer programming is becoming more popular in schools, especially primary schools.

Python ( a simple yet effective programming language) is now more popular than French in schools, with 60% of parents saying they would prefer their children to learn coding. But why is Python becoming the more popular “language”?

Coding/Computer Science is becoming a mandatory subject at schools across the country. This is a big movement as we edge even further into a world that is very technology dependent we require more workers in the IT industry. The IT industry is so vast and having the opportunity to learn advanced skills from such a young age is fantastic and will ensure success not only for the next generation of IT workers but hopefully a prosperous future for the digital economy within the UK.

Previously schools only offered a basic ICT class where students learnt simple tasks such as how to write a letter in Word or simple formulas in Excel generally this was seen as an easy lesson, now they are bringing in more advanced subjects such as coding it is becoming more interesting and with programmes such as Kodu & Construct the student can visually see their products.

Coding is such a great thing to learn and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.




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